I have recently completed the Gilligan Business School's Small Business Accounting Course.

At times I found the course a bit hard but by ringing the school and seeking guidance (sometimes two or three times a day), I managed to understand and complete each session successfully.

The response time for receiving marked work was within one week of forwarding to Gilligan's which I felt was a good response time.

I found the course a great challenge and have since decided to continue with further studies in other subjects.

I fully recommend Gilligan's Small Business Accounting Course for anyone who has an interest in accounting or need it for business purposes.

Yours Sincerely

Sally B


I took the Gilligan Accounting Course for Small Business and it literally changed my life.

I had a small business that was suddenly dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars. I was good at what I did but unfortunately I had no experience in administration or accounting. I was spending hundreds of dollars on accountants but was still getting behind in my personal and business taxes. When my accountant spoke to me about our books, accounts, or taxes it was if someone was standing in front of me speaking an other language! Of course the more problems we had in terms of the accounts the greater my fear and incomprehension grew. While our product was excellent we nearly lost all our funding one-day when I inadvertently used the wrong terminology!

This crisis precipitated me to find a solution. I saw an advert for Gilligan's Accounting for Small Businesses course and started. It was a revelation for me. The course was practical, well laid out and simple to follow. Within a few weeks before even completing the course I was much more confident with understanding the accounting side of our business. By the end of the course I knew what should be done and how.

I benefited as a business person and developed greater personal confidence. I now could ask questions of my accountant and give answers to funders and customers that kept all in the picture. Better still I was able to sort out our tax problems.

I kept the exercise books and notes from the course and still refer to them.

It was a great course and I often recommend it to friends who are in business, contemplating getting into business or just for their own development.

My only regret was I didn't do it sooner.

Many thanks to Allan Gilligan and his team.

Hineani M


I would like to thank you very much for all your support and patience with me. Good luck and I will surely tell my friends how friendly and helpful the staff at Gilligan's are


May R


Re: Gilligan Business School "Small Business Accounting Course"

In ten weeks you are taken from a person who needs to know how the financial side of a business works, to someone who is able to complete the full set of accounts for a small business. This compact, full on course, is presented in a thoroughly professional manner. The text comes with easy to read but factual notes, short tests, practice exercises and solutions. The homework tasks reinforce the weekly topics. All aspects are covered, including taxation requirements. The students are able to receive individual help on a "help line" telephone service. This course has a special appeal to people who have their own small business or are thinking of starting up a small business. You are able to learn and share experiences and helpful tips with each other.

Ann Uerata (BMS)



Some years ago I took your "Small Business Accounting Course" and now consider it one of the best investments I have made in the "self-education" area. My wife and I run several small businesses, one being a Language School employing 9 staff. As you can imagine, the paperwork involved in processing wages, GST returns, PAYE etc. can mount up if you do not know what you are doing! Your course prepared me for all the above, though I still keep the course book beside me for reference if necessary. A big plus was your method of processing "Cash Flow" and "Budgeting".

Many thanks for your newsletters also. I print these out and keep them in a reference file (with index) by my desk.

Kind Regards

Ranald McI


While I was reading the "Small Business Accounting Course" book, I enjoyed the simplicity and quality of subject matter of the book.

All the time, during my study I had your support which was the matter of vital importance to me. So, regarding to my experience from my country (Yugoslavia) and the knowledge I got through your school, I am ready for the new challenge of New Zealand Small Business Accounting.

Once again, Thank you very much!

I am sure that a future generation of students will have the same experience like me.

Bojan Z


Comments from past students:

Thanks! My Mum said you lot were speedy :-)

The staff were always friendly and helpful.

Staff were wonderful on the explanations and very helpful with answers to my silly questions. Many, many thanks to you all.

Did course by correspondence helpful staff over the phone.

Very informative and there are very pleasant helpful staff.

Very pleasant and professional staff to deal with, when having problems. Assistance is very much appreciated.

I have enjoyed the course and would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for being so helpful when needed.

I thought the staff were excellent, and explained things well and it wasn't any trouble to them.

I investigated other courses and had been put off by prices.

The course has been of great assistance, and will continue to be as I have the textbook and worksheets.

The 0800 number is great. The lady (sorry can't remember her name) was very helpful.