This course is a correspondence course which you can do in your own home in NZ or anywhere in the world. You will receive a full course manual. 

Session 1. How to Start your Own Successful Business

  • Have the right foundation
  • The New Zealand way of doing business
  • How to contact some helpful resources in New Zealand
  • How to Start your own Business
  • The eight steps to getting started
  • Which is best? Starting or Buying?
  • How to use a prepurchase checklist
  • How to start with a competitive advantage
  • Choosing a name for your business
  • Choosing the right business entity
  • Choosing a franchise
  • Financing your business
  • Running your office efficiently
  • Business ethics
  • Business letters
  • Glossary of Business words used
  • Getting help
  • Great Ideas to build your new Business

Session 2. How to stay Out of Trouble

  • Know the Rules
  • Contract Law
  • Consumer Guarantees
  • Sale of Goods
  • Fair Trading
  • Credit Contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Occupational Safety & Health
  • Holidays & leave
  • Duties of directors
  • Licences & permits needed

Session 3. How to minimise your Tax Legally

  • Making a Profit? - Income Tax
  • Employing Staff? - PAYE - ACC
  • Sales more than $60,000 per year? - GST
  • Any staff perks? - Fringe Benefit Tax
  • Some Tax Minimising Ideas

Session 4. How to Build your Successful Business

  • Marketing and Selling
  • How to build your customer base
  • The five marketing basics
  • The laws of successful marketing
  • The common marketing pitfalls
  • The marketing concept for your business
  • Some common marketing words
  • Successful selling techniques

Session 5. How to Increase your Business Worth and make Profits

  • Profitable strategies
  • The 10 biggest pitfalls to avoid failure.
  • How to price for profit
  • How to maximise gross margin
  • Some 25 cost saving ideas

Session 6. How to Build a Winning Team

  • Build your Team
  • How to staff your business to win
  • How successful businesses hire successful people
  • Leadership is your business
  • Training & team building

Session 7. How to make your Business Failsafe

  • Control the Key Success Factors
  • How you must know the score to win
  • How to set key performance indicators
  • How to watch your profitability - financial analysis
  • How to watch your liquidity - cashflow

Session 8. Case Study

  • You get to write your own case study
Students who successfully complete this course and pass the final test will receive a certificate from Gilligan Business School.

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