This course is a correspondence course which you can do in your own home or anywhere in the world. You will receive a full course manual.

After each Session you will know how to:

Session 1. Set up an Office that Works, Define the Team Duties, Keep Accurate Records, Observe Health & Safety Regulations, Use the Internet as an Office Tool, Understand Common Business Conventions

Session 2. Improve Month End Close Off Procedures, Handle the Mail Efficiently, Learn the Secrets of Good Communications, Organise Professionally to Help the Boss, Set up the Right Office Equipment

Session 3. Use the Accountants System to Record Transactions, Understand the Accounting Cycle, Apply the Business Entity Theory, Use Accounts, Journal and Ledger Tools, Apply the Accounting & Posting Rules, Understand how Double Entry Affects the Balance Sheet

Session 4. Maintain the Cash Receipts and Payments System, Maintain the Petty Cash System, Close Off at the End of the Month, Prepare the Bank Reconciliation, Prepare a Cashflow Forecast

Session 5. Do the Accounts Receivable Assistants Job, Follow what happens when we sell something, Increase the Efficiency of the Accounts Receivable Department Staff for an Effective AR Department, Create a Comprehensive Credit Policy Design a Credit Application Form, Access a Customers Credit Worthiness

Session 6. Handle Purchases, Accounts Payable Duties (daily,weekly,monthly), Use Technology in the AP Department, Purchasing Control

Session 7. Handle payroll, PAYE issues examined, Deal with Drawings or Wages, Tax non-salary payments, ACC & Administration, Comply with the Holidays Act, Paid Parental Leave Procedures

Session 8. Handle IRD Reporting, Income Tax Planning, GST Reporting & Traps, FBT issues,Avoid Reporting Pitfalls, A Business Dictionary.

Students who successfully complete this course and pass the final test will receive a certificate from Gilligan Business School.

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