“Accounting for Busy Managers” combines text, computer, video, sound and graphics into 9 sessions. Using 25 years of experience in teaching clients and students how to manage better using accounting information the writer has succeeded in producing an easily learnt course of totally relevant material. Now you can read financial reports like a seasoned investor. Further, you will learn the significance of the figures and trends in your business to develop a winning profit strategy.

This course is a computer based correspondence course which you can do in you own home in NZ or anywhere in the world. You will receive a full course manual with all the course work and a CD ROM with the interactive parts of the course.

The course is divided into five parts which are detailed below.

Part 1 - Talking “Accounting” with your Accountant

Session 1

  • How Accountants fit your business into their System
  • Accountants Rules - The Accounting Cycle
  • Accountants Tools – ledgers and journals
  • How Double Entry affects the Balance Sheet
  • Debits and Credits demystified

Session 2

  • How Accountants “adjust” things
  • Cash and Accrual Accounting
  • Balance Day Adjustments
  • Depreciation
  • The Chart of Accounts
  • Bank Reconciliations


Part 2 - Talking “Profits and Tax” with your Accountant

Session 3

  • How to Interpret your own Profit & Loss Account
  • Income statements for different businesses
  • The effects of stock valuation
  • Trend analysis techniques
  • Ratio analysis techniques

Session 4

  • How to use Accounting information to make profits
  • Improving profits using break even analysis
  • Pricing your products just right
  • Using Key Performance Indicators to manage

Session 5

  • How to minimise Tax Legimately (with your accountant’s help)
  • Business vs personal expenses
  • Capital vs Revenue expenses explained
  • GST and FBT – traps to avoid
  • Drawings or wages?
  • 10 Tax Tips to minimise tax


Part 3 - Talking “Balance Sheets” with your Accountant

Session 6

  • How to Interpret your own Balance Sheet
  • How profits affect the Balance Sheet
  • What makes a strong Balance Sheet
  • What investors look for
  • How Goodwill affects the balance sheet
  • Use of ratios as a investment tool


Part 4 - Talking “Cash Flows” with your Accountant

Session 7

  • How to understand the Cash Flow of your business
  • The Cash Flow Statement and Forecast compared
  • How to understand your Business Cash Flow
  • How to prepare your own Flow Forecast (with your accountant’s help)


Part 5 Talking “Business Plans and Budgets” with your Accountant

Session 8

  • How to Manage better by planning better
  • Writing your own practical Business Plans
  • Free Business Plans template included

Session 9

  • How to Manage Better by Budgeting Better
  • How to prepare your own Budgets
  • Free budget model spreadsheet to use in your own business



  • An Accountant’s Dictionary
  • Working with Accountants and Auditors

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